IT Security – Authentication Types

In this video we will discuss about IT authentication or logon verification. Authentication is the first point of entry to any IT application, device, or physical premises. Based on the level of access, this first point of entry has been divided into three types.

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2
  3. Type 3

Type 1 Authentication:

Type 1 or knowledge based authentication in IT security is also known as knowledge based authentication. It is commonly referred as something you know. Passwords, PIN code are practical examples of this authentication.

Type 2 Authentication:

Type 2 Authentication is also referred as something you have. This type of authentication is very common in operational security fields.  Practical examples are keys, smart phones, smart cards, token devices, and USB drives.

Type 3 Authentication:

Type 3 authentication is also referred as something you have. Biometric authentications Finger prints scanning, retina scanning, and palm reading are practical examples of this type of authentication.

In the next topic, we will discuss about single factor authentication (SFA), two factor authentication (2FA), and multifactor authentication (MFA).