IT Security – Authentication Types

In this video we will discuss about IT authentication or logon verification. Authentication is the first point of entry to any IT application, device, or physical premises. Based on the level of access, this first point of entry has been divided into three types.

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2
  3. Type 3

Type 1 Authentication:

Type 1 or knowledge based authentication in IT security is also known as knowledge based authentication. It is commonly referred as something you know. Passwords, PIN code are practical examples of this authentication.

Type 2 Authentication:

Type 2 Authentication is also referred as something you have. This type of authentication is very common in operational security fields.  Practical examples are keys, smart phones, smart cards, token devices, and USB drives.

Type 3 Authentication:

Type 3 authentication is also referred as something you have. Biometric authentications Finger prints scanning, retina scanning, and palm reading are practical examples of this type of authentication.

In the next topic, we will discuss about single factor authentication (SFA), two factor authentication (2FA), and multifactor authentication (MFA).

CISSP in Toronto

Toronto is one of the major cities of Canada. There are great job opportunities for IT certifications in Toronto. If you want to secure your job in the Cyber Security, CISSP is the best choice.

There are different training institutes who are offering training courses for this certification. York University is offering two programs that leads to CISSP certification.

These two tracks are

  • The Certificate in Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • The Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security

Both programs of five months each and are based on online as well as in campus study.

According to York University, if you will complete these tracks of cyber security programs, you will get one year relaxation to the 5 years full time experience requirement to become CISSP.

The staring hourly rate for CISSP is not less than 50 dollars per hour.

(ISC)2 is offering this certification.

It is expected that Govt of Ontario will create huge jobs opportunities for internet security.

CISSP Scope in IT Industry

CISSP is a new level of certification that is launched by ISC2. This certification is mainly focused on the cyber security. IT professionals who want to secure their future in internet security, may complete this certification.

In order to complete this certification, one should have follow these steps.

1. Should have at least 5 years full time IT related experience.
2. Should have the knowledge of the objectives of 8 domains defined by ISC2
3. Should appear in the CISSP exam.

CISSP certification exam is conducted through VUE and consists of 250 questions. The time frame for this exams is 6 hours.

CISSP certified professionals have emerging demand in banking sectors and different other organizations whose main priority is to keep the hackers away from their IT infrastructure.

The payscale is not less than 50 dollars per hour as searched on different payscale sites on internet.